XTX Men’s New Jeans Two-tone Patchwork Skinny Black Straight Denim Trousers

  • Chinese Factory price
  • Chinese 31: Length:41.34″(105cm) Waist:31.50″(80cm)
  • Chinese 32: Length:41.73″(106cm) Waist:32.68″(83cm)
  • Chinese 33: Length:42.13″(107cm) Waist:33.86″(86cm)
  • Chinese 34: Length:42.52″(108cm) Waist:34.65″(88cm)

Hi friend, pls check our own size then select the suitable one.:)
Material: Denim
Size details:
Chinese 28: Length:40.16″(102cm) Waist:27.56″(70cm);
Chinese 29: Length:40.55″(103cm) Waist:28.74″(73cm);
Chinese 30: Length:40.94″(104cm) Waist:29.92″(76cm);
Chinese 31: Length:41.34″(105cm) Waist:31.50″(80cm);
Chinese 32: Length:41.73″(106cm) Waist:32.68″(83cm);
Chinese 33: Length:42.13″(107cm) Waist:33.86″(86cm);
Chinese 34: Length:42.52″(108cm) Waist:34.65″(88c
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Black Skinny Denim

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