J&K88 WOMENS PLUS SIZE BLACK Denim JEANS Stretch Skinny Ripped Distressed Pants

  • These DIAMANTE BLACK denim Distressed jeans pants are comfortable and amazingly versatile
  • Fabric- 76% cotton 22% POLYESTER 2% spandex Stretch
  • Machine wash in cool water. Tumble dry low. DO NOT BLEACH
  • rear pockets, AND front pockets. front zipper
  • HAND MEASUREMENT- 14= WAIST=36.5” INSEAM=31” HIPS=40” 16= WAIST=38” INSEAM=31” HIPS=42” 18= WAIST=39.5” INSEAM=31” HIPS=44” 20= WAIST=42” INSEAM=31” HIPS=46” 22= WAIST=44” INSEAM=31” HIPS=48” 24= WAIST=48” INSEAM=31” HIPS=50”

Bringing together fit, quality and trends at a superior level, DIAMANTE PLUS SIZE PREMIUM stands above the crowd as a premium denim Distressed jeans PANTS DIAMANTE brand in its efforts to empower customers with their sexy, comfortable and fashion-forward products at an affordable price-tag. With a broad national and international appeal
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Womens Black Skinny Jeans


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